From the 2013 Campaign Cycle:

Stephen Yellin: “Why I seek to serve Berkeley Heights”

Compare Stephen’s record on the Berkeley Aquatic Center controversy with his opponent, Ed Delia:

Township Council Debate – October 17, 2013

Stephen debated his opponents on the issues that matter to our community, and pointed out when they’ve not done the right thing by Berkeley Heights. Watch for yourself here:

(52 minutes in length)

More statements and news articles coming soon! 


June 11, 2013 – For Immediate Publication



The Berkeley Heights Democratic Committee renewed its commitment to the residents of Berkeley Heights – Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike – at its biennial reorganization meeting on June 10th, 2013. Despite a ferocious thunderstorm, the meeting saw nearly every Committee member attend the largest gathering of Democrats in recent memory.

Along with electing a new slate of officers, Committee members agreed to work together on several new initiatives:

  • Democratic Association: Berkeley Heights Democrats, in addition to its elected Committee members, have historically been part of our party’s efforts as part of a Democratic “Club”, or Association. We intend to restart this Association, which will be open to all Democrats and their families, giving them a stronger voice in our community.
  • Proposals: We care about our community and want to make Berkeley Heights more affordable, open, and helpful for all residents, regardless of party. We want to know what you, our friends and neighbors, think needs to be done in order to accomplish those goals. As such, we will be forming a special Subcommittee to put forward our proposals to get Berkeley Heights on the right track.
  • New Leadership: We believe Berkeley Heights voters, when given a clear choice, will choose the best candidates for office regardless of whether they have a “D” or “R” next to their name. That’s why we’re proud to support Mike  Simon, a hard-working, independent-minded and energetic attorney in his campaign for Township Council this November. We are actively seeking a 2nd candidate to join Mike in seeking election to the Council and putting our community’s best ideas to work.

In addition, we are happy to announce that we will have a booth at the June 30th Berkeley Heights Street Fair, to be held on Springfield Avenue from 9AM-5PM. We look forward to seeing our fellow residents, and learning more about what our Township Council should do to move Berkeley Heights forward. In the meantime, please visit our website, to find out more about our Committee and our members.

Remember: “there’s NOT a Democratic or Republican way to fix a pothole”!


Stephen Yellin, Secretary of our Democratic Committee was interviewed by Hometowne TV during his 2010 candidacy for Township Council.


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